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Once again it’s time for Steampunk Hands Around the World. A wonderful event of inclusion and camaraderie, reinforcing the togetherness of steampunk. This year’s theme is “Our Playground, Our Classroom, Our Workshop”. I _like_ it, how could I not, Professors exist in classrooms and workshops, and all of this is playtime. Typing of which, my family joined my son’s best friend’s family at the Ipswich Rail Museum today. Ostensibly we were there due to the end of school holidays Thomas the Tank Engine themed exhibits (that are quite spiffing), I enjoyed walking through the rail museum’s historical archives of Brisbane and Queensland Steam during the late 1800s through to now. For your education, to inspire some builds, and for the fun of it, here are a collection of images to hopefully spark some entertainment for you.

This week I received an invitation from the Queensland Steam and Vintage Machinery Society to bring S.T.E.A.M along to see their works at Old Petrie Town’s regular markets. Unfortunately it clashed with some already organised SEQ steampunk events, but I made sure to go to the QSVMS demonstrations and WOW were they spectacular. Along with so many working steam engines, they had fully functional vehicles (two steam rollers with _real steam_, along with others); miniature steam engines running on tables and the markets also hosts a foundry, with sand casting and polishing. It was positively breathtaking seeing these massive machines in action, being able to smell the engines and feel the vibrations; you could even donate some coins to sound the steam whistles (glee!). Bill, who invited me, gave me a fascinating walk through of his two steam rollers – from how he acquired them to what work needed to be done to make them safely functional again, right up to the reasoning behind the name Ida for one of them.

If you’re in SEQ, or you can somehow get to SEQ, and you like steam punk, or working steam engines, or vintage engines or engines in general, you’ve got to see when the Old Petrie Town markets is on. The steam engines were special for this event (I think?) but they have many other engines up there (some of them are too big to be moved even if they wanted to), and the casters are there every Sunday. Sean was unavailable this week, but as soon as I can I’m taking him back there because I’m sure he will get almost as much a kick of it then I will the second time around.


Professor von Explaino talks about a few steampunk groups and events happening in and around Brisbane.
SEQ Steampunk social group:
Prometheus Bound:‎
Steampunk Ghostbusters charity ball:

This weekend just gone was emblazoned mightily in local steampunkian calendars; lo (and/ or verily) it held the first Steamfest annual convention – celebrating steampunk loudly, proudly and with the help of international guests.

It had G D Falksen (writer, ‘that guy with the steampunk arm who always shows up in google searches for Steampunk’), Abney Park (band, airship pirates), Unwoman (musician, appears to have lost most of her cello), Evelyn Kriete (editor, author, fashion designer, stylist, co-founder of Gilded Age Records, wow), Starboy (musician, movie maker, holy crivens the outfits), The Mouldy Lovers (band, 8 piece, Cat Empiresque) and Rapskallion (band, burlesque-esque, got a conga line going in Abney Park’s set, such fun). It had clothing stalls, accoutrement vendors, a blacksmiths and other purveyors of steampunkery. It had snow cones (so good for Brisbane Winter, honestly, so darn hot). It had a steam train outside the venue running every hour for the authentic experience of steamtrainery. It had duels by boxing, sabre, bartitsu and others by the European Defensive Arts School.

Summary, it had tonnes of things to do, see, hear and enjoy. And that’s not including the Spectacular outfits on display by the attendees.

I helped supply equipment for the Steampunk Ghostbusters – who were raising money for cancer research and ended the weekend with just under $450 raised – a brilliant result.

Here are links to other writeups/ galleries of the event:

Inspired by an article on Silver Goggles (“Friendly” Tech) I’m holding a contest. I’d like submissions of the finest FRIENDLY1 personally carried steampunk devices that you wear. A whole swathe of the costumed focus in Steampunk regalia is weapon related2, and I think we need to shift gears3. I know there are a lot of non-weapon/ non-aggressive steampunk accoutrements out there, and I want to shine a reward-laden light on those efforts.


Post a comment with a link to your device, it could be on its own or shown in-situ as part of your outfit.

Contest will be open until the end of May.

After the end of May, I’ll decide who wins.4

The winner will receive a copy of The Art of Steampunk: Revised Second Edition – either via Amazon’s gift-sending contraption or I’ll buy it and post it.5

  1. Friendly is more than just not-a-weapon. It’s something that’s welcoming, or encourages engagement []
  2. Hands up all those who own a modified Nerf™ Maverick, or know people who have that as a key part of their outfit []
  3. Yes, yes, you knew that was coming, well done []
  4. I may ask others for their votes, I may put up a short list, but at the end of the contest I will be the source of arbitration. Bwahaha. []
  5. Hopefully the winner will be in an Amazon servicing area – otherwise shipping from Australia is going to be pants. []

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Antipodean Steampunk Show flier Just a quick one here, my write-up about the Antipodean Steampunk Show is up on Doctor Fantastique’s Show of Wonders.

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Striding Out

On Saturday 6th, Brisbane hosted the inaugural Steampunk Strides event. Billed as “a night of well-mannered frivolity, where the Steam World and Modern day society meet!”, the event entertained near-capacity attendees with music, burlesque and belly-dancing, fashion, stalls, a make-yourself-steampunk display and a photo booth. The concept of Ged Maybury (author of Across the Stonewind Sky), he formed a local band of enthusiastic smart-people with the dual goal of providing a place for local Steampunkers to showcase their talent and to show interested people just what Steampunk was about.

And it was great.

It was held at the Kingston Butter Factory, right near a train-station making it easy for people to get to. Booth-holders were a collection of local, well known alternative fashion groups and highly talented individual artists of stitch and seam (including a make-up booth; an ethical taxidermist along with wonderful jewellers  [some of whom alter origami into washing-machine-defying broaches and earrings]). The ROSEA-pioneered “MakeYourselfASteampunkOutfit” booth saw a more elaborate version at this event, and was joined with a photo booth that did colour, black and white or sepia pictures and was lots of fun (thanks for your original idea, Lady Alex!). The musical accompaniment to the fashion shows was provided by Gimpus, a heavy rock band who toned their show down to be a real accompaniment to the fashion display and the fashions themselves were brilliant.

One of my biggest surprises was the number of steampunkers who I had never met before, and the number of steampunkers I do know that didn’t make it to the event. I take this as a positive sign that, despite the cries of Beiber (which I have to say is a bit harsh) and the woes of mainstream, the movement is continuing to (ahem) stride ahead. The quality of the entrants in the Fashion/ Build award was testament to that, the well-earned winners being a family Steampunk Ghostbusters team with elaborate and device-functional backpacks (and the cutest darn little steampunker you ever did see that wasn’t my own son).

As an attendee, I have to rate the Steampunk Strides an unqualified success and dearly hope they are planning on making this a recurring event.

To see more from the event (I took no photos as per the request to only allow the official photographers their space):