Patches/ Pins/ Other Accouterments

Professor von Explaino on

I’ve collected a number of pins/ patches over the years. I’d like to use them but I don’t want to poke holes in all my clothes/ permanently affix patches to jackets I grow out of. What do you do with yours to bring them with you?

Ged Maybury said on September 20, 2017:

I’ve made a number of accouterments using various pins and broaches. I fit the item to something akin to a neck-tie, or a sash or epaulets.
I imagine shoulder poltrons (spelling?) could be made as an interchangeable costume item to carry such extras too.
They can be added to belt-pouches, even the front of high boots. (Maybe not kinky boots, tho.)

Professor von Explaino said on September 20, 2017:

Those sound good options, thanks for that. You’ve got me thinking of interchangeable strap guards now for backpacks/ shoulder bags. Could work for in-uniform or even casual/ work-ish wear. Neat.

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