Risus Character Creator

Campaign Options
Cliches - 0 out of
Hooks and Tales



  • Loading
  • Saving
  • Spending die (basic)
  • Lucky Shots (should I change this to disable/ enable from show/ hide?)
  • Double pump
  • Change the cliche table to divs so that it is easier for mobile devices to handle
  • Funky die
  • Hooks and tales bonus
  • Initial flipping between play modes:
    • Click a cliche to roll
    • Click a pump button for pump/ double pump
    • After a roll, prompt to "Fail?" and take damage based on pump/ double pump/ normal damage rating
    • Click a cliche's heal button to heal
    • Represent cliche scores with die stencils, crossed out for damaged?
    • Lucky die


  • Printing


  • Community chat - Superceded by Google Hangout, surely
  • Google Hangout link:
    • Dreaming further: link all this in a Google Hangout, with the starter of the Hangout as the GM
    • Anyone can request a roll, but rolls are processed on the GM's browser and shared with everyone else
  • Map Builder - use an automatic dungeon generator
  • Write adventures - See the cheat below.

Instant Adventure Button

Need a plot? Look no further than TV Tropes!