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Patches/ Pins/ Other Accouterments

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I've collected a number of pins/ patches over the years. I'd like to use them but I don't want to poke holes in all my clothes/ permanently affix patches to jackets I grow out of. What do you do with yours to bring them with you?

Needless subcategorisation

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Thinking about Steampunk utopias/ dystopias/ window dressing. Dystopian/ dark future steampunk where the streets and lungs are choked with smoke and coated in ash. Smogpunk? I've already claimed Steampulp for the utopian adventure theme.

Steampunk Music suggestions

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Steampunk is a many-splendored thing (sorry Ms Suyin), touching many eras and ideaologies; similarly steampunk music is just as varied as the waistcoats on a steampunk model. Maybe you haven't heard of some of the following and you'd like to try them, or maybe you've heard of others you think we should listen to?

Back into Devices

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It's been a while but I'm starting to get back into tinkering. Inspired by a friend showing me how his 3D printer worked I downloaded Blender and after HOURS of work (I'm more mathematical than artistic - I think it'd be easier to learn Python and use that to create images than spend all the time I did trying to adjust points by the teeniest amount to look good), came up with a version of my logo that wasn't too shabby. Lacking a printer myself, I decided to try Shapeways. After 5 submissions, with feedback for the first four times telling me why the designs were rejected (parts not joined correctly, parts being too thin for the material chosen, sensible stuff that needed a human engineer to work out) I finally got a working design that shipped to me and arrived today. VoilĂ .

Devices: Corset inspector, RandOmniscope, Corset Inspector ID

devices professor von explaino steampulp

Continuing Professor von Explaino's investigations into every realm of science (due to his expertise in the field of Omniology), and inspired by Cheyenne Wright's Corset Inspector badge, I have created two new devices that were to be shown off at the next Prometheus Bound. As that was unfortunately cancelled, we reconvened to the nerd friendly Mana Bar and had an impromtu steam gathering. Those of you on Facebook can see the results of the outing at the Mana Bar's Facebook page