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PB 2013

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It looks like Icarus used Phoenix wing feathers, because Prometheus Bound rose again in September. Check/ join the PB facebook group to see more pictures - and to hopefully come along next time if you haven't already. Thanks to Loose Lemur from Steamfest, Professor von Explaino attended in a brand new formal waistcoat (and facial hair).

Welcome, Courier Mail readers

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Recently the Steampunks of Brisbane were interviewed by Michael Lund of the Courier Mail regarding, well, Steampunk. Entitled "Letting off steam", the article paints quite a good picture of the Steampunk subculture's life in the city and has a number of stop-off points to find out more. One of them is this very site, so to further your Steampunkian education I've collated as much as I can of my Steampunk-related bookmarks into this post. There may be a test.

Steampunk Picnic 2009

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An Australian Steampunk event was held for Brisbane Steampunkers on Saturday, we had about 35 people turn up all told and some fantastic outfits. Most of the pictures are on the Facebook event but we’re working on moving some of them to non-Facebook areas so non-Facebook people can see the outstanding efforts. I cannot describe what a great time I had at the picnic, and I want to thank everyone who turned up – from the girls and guy who turned up first with the crazy chocolate cookies (2 minute noodles?) through to the organisers of Prometheus Bound (awesome Steampunk nightclub) who arrived in the afternoon after getting some much needed sleep. Especially to all the photographers.