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Steampunk Hands Around the World 2015


Once again it's time for Steampunk Hands Around the World. A wonderful event of inclusion and camaraderie, reinforcing the togetherness of steampunk. This year's theme is "Our Playground, Our Classroom, Our Workshop". I like it, how could I not, Professors exist in classrooms and workshops, and all of this is playtime. Typing of which, my family joined my son's best friend's family at the Ipswich Rail Museum today. Ostensibly we were there due to the end of school holidays Thomas the Tank Engine themed exhibits (that are quite spiffing), I enjoyed walking through the rail museum's historical archives of Brisbane and Queensland Steam during the late 1800s through to now. For your education, to inspire some builds, and for the fun of it, here are a collection of images to hopefully spark some entertainment for you.

Steam at Old Petrie Town

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This week I received an invitation from the Queensland Steam and Vintage Machinery Society to bring S.T.E.A.M along to see their works at Old Petrie Town's regular markets. Unfortunately it clashed with some already organised SEQ steampunk events, but I made sure to go to the QSVMS demonstrations and WOW were they spectacular. Along with so many working steam engines, they had fully functional vehicles (two steam rollers with real steam, along with others); miniature steam engines running on tables and the markets also hosts a foundry, with sand casting and polishing. It was positively breathtaking seeing these massive machines in action, being able to smell the engines and feel the vibrations; you could even donate some coins to sound the steam whistles (glee!). Bill, who invited me, gave me a fascinating walk through of his two steam rollers - from how he acquired them to what work needed to be done to make them safely functional again, right up to the reasoning behind the name Ida for one of them.

First Contest

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Inspired by an article on Silver Goggles ("Friendly" Tech) I'm holding a contest. I'd like submissions of the finest FRIENDLY1 personally carried steampunk devices that you wear. A whole swathe of the costumed focus in Steampunk regalia is weapon related2, and I think we need to shift gears3. I know there are a lot of non-weapon/ non-aggressive steampunk accoutrements out there, and I want to shine a reward-laden light on those efforts.

Welcome, Courier Mail readers

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Recently the Steampunks of Brisbane were interviewed by Michael Lund of the Courier Mail regarding, well, Steampunk. Entitled "Letting off steam", the article paints quite a good picture of the Steampunk subculture's life in the city and has a number of stop-off points to find out more. One of them is this very site, so to further your Steampunkian education I've collated as much as I can of my Steampunk-related bookmarks into this post. There may be a test.

Steampunk Picnic

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The Queen's Birthday weekend was the perfect time to schedule a steampunk picnic in Brisbane. So, ROSEA did.

Changes and Supanova 2011

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I haven’t posted for a while as my wife and I have been getting ready for a rather large change in our lives. We now have a son! Sean is his name, and we’re very proud. Getting used to a lot less sleep is… interesting, but today my wife told me to go out and have fun because Supanova, the premier Australian pop culture expo, was in town. Time to take the Professor mingling!


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Euchronia was the Steampunk New Years Eve party organised by the Antipodean League of Temporal Voyagers. It last ran in 2008 and was so successful they postponed it for a year to make sure it remained novel. I'm not entirely certain how that works, but boy was this year's a hum-dinger! Baron von Borg, Lady Alexander, the Cerulean and Gil of ROSEA joined me in attending; the Cerulean also brought along an independent contractor as her offsider for the evening so it was an even numbered affair.

Steampunk Picnic 2009

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An Australian Steampunk event was held for Brisbane Steampunkers on Saturday, we had about 35 people turn up all told and some fantastic outfits. Most of the pictures are on the Facebook event but we’re working on moving some of them to non-Facebook areas so non-Facebook people can see the outstanding efforts. I cannot describe what a great time I had at the picnic, and I want to thank everyone who turned up – from the girls and guy who turned up first with the crazy chocolate cookies (2 minute noodles?) through to the organisers of Prometheus Bound (awesome Steampunk nightclub) who arrived in the afternoon after getting some much needed sleep. Especially to all the photographers.

Steampunk picnic, Brisbane

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As the weather's still cold enough to get away with layering, it's a great time in Brisbane to get out to a morning tea/ picnic in the Roma Street parklands. ROSEA and FAUST will be there, and we want to meet as many other individuals and groups with Steampunk aficionado-ness to socialise and talk shop. If I can scrounge a boules set there'll be that plus a few card games if it's not breezy and people are in the mood. There's a Facebook Event for those on Facebook, otherwise the details are: