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The book I'm writing has advise in it for a coder. While I was writing it I found little bits of thought that I hadn't put into practice. So I put them into practice. I've just updated my site from the ground up. Let me know if anything's busted.

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Social break

Social butterfly that I am1, I'm taking a break from Facebook2. It's day three and... I feel quite a bit less stressed. I'm not sure the root cause is yet, I have theories about habit and unexpected-terrible-news-when-I'm-looking-to-catch-up-with-friends, but I'm going to keep the hiatus up for the time...


IT Playbook

I could post an attempted summary about what I like about the Digital Services Playbook. But I recommend you read it. And if you can, fork it for your own work. An index of the plays:

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Outside at Lunch

I’m making an effort this year to eat lunch not at my work desk. I work in IT, with the computer on my desk connected to the ever-full-shiny Internet, so eating at the desk seemed OK. I don’t think it was. Outside has air for a start.