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Gallery 2020 - MK I

Working on redoing my post-image-gallery whatist to be pure CSS. An interesting experiment, help welcomed.



Trying to cook something new - Chakchouka



Park Run Gave Park Run a go today. Arrived late, but fast-walked part of the course. Looks like a nice time, and a friendly group of people. Let�s see if I can keep it up.


Crows vs Possum

This morning's entertainment was Two Crows who took umbridge sharing a tree with a possum


The 2000's. When most modern governments based on democrocy decided move on to hypocrisy.


I rarely do this, but I had to crank up the car stero and wind the windows down to enjoy @Unwoman's cover of "I Love Rock n Roll". Missed the kickstarter? Bandcamp here: https://unwoman.bandcamp.com/album/uncovered-volumes-4-5

colin steampunk

Finally went for a walk this morning. That helped my mood, so I strollered my daughter to the day care. Naturally, it downpoured solidly when I was 2/3 of the way there.