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Starfield progress display


A bit of fun. I had a process that took a while. Connected to a remote server, reverse-wrangled an auth based on React, then downloaded a JSON. All it did was say "X entries processed" when complete. So, to help my brain, I threw together a quick thing to create a starfield, with one star per entry processed. Delights me.

Feature images


Adjusting the site generator to add a feature image.

Now pages


Thinking of joining the Now page movement

BitBucket for Blogging?


So I've been inspired by some super-smart tech people on my Twitter timeline to see if I can replace my blogging solution with something much simpler. A Static blog makes sense to me, why load the same dang thing from the database all the time when it changes rarely?

Seven Seals of Software Review

code comedy

I watched as the change representative opened the first of the seven seals. Then I saw one of the four living approvers mail in a text like thunder "System Architecture!" I looked, and there before me was a blank page! Its author held a red pen, and he was given a stamp, and he rode out like an madman bent on correction.