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I'm getting started on one of my long-dormant projects. Writing a tongue-in-check resource book, using a slice of von Explaino's "Look At Things Through The Lens Of Something Else." Participating in the Tech Misfits group on Facebook has helped me keep focus (thank you) and I've finished a first-ish draft of 13,823 words.

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Endorsing a candidate: Clockwork Cabaret

I like the Clockwork Cabaret. Great music selection and fun + funny DJs. Their current backstory is Lady Attercop is running for president, so Professor von Explaino is throwing his support behind her campaign.

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Types of Steampunk

With invited guest Baron von Borg, we explore different flavours of steampunk. Video cuts out before the discussion devolves into an additional 30 minutes of pure, steampunk rambling (but there's now a link at the end of the video if you're keen). You do get a nicer look at the lab at least.

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Restarting steaming

Trying to get things happening again. Why are hobbies hard?

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South-East Queensland Steampunk

Professor von Explaino talks about a few steampunk groups and events happening in and around Brisbane.

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New Device: Telecommunicator Re-Enpowerer.

Finally getting around to working on my iPhone dock. I've had this partially envisioned for over a year, but never dedicated the time required to get building/ designing work happening. I'd sketch a few ideas and immediately self-distract with something pointless. I'd stain the plaque walnut and then give it 3 months to dry. But last year with Blender being free and Shapeways being afordable I printed out a Professor von Explaino icon and thought "well this works well". So I printed out the cog-piece stands and they turned out quite well. Got gold paint and finally started work in earnest. Still, I can never decide, do I want Crystals or Brains as a power source?

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Back into Devices

It's been a while but I'm starting to get back into tinkering. Inspired by a friend showing me how his 3D printer worked I downloaded Blender and after HOURS of work (I'm more mathematical than artistic - I think it'd be easier to learn Python and use that to create images than spend all the time I did trying to adjust points by the teeniest amount to look good), came up with a version of my logo that wasn't too shabby. Lacking a printer myself, I decided to try Shapeways. After 5 submissions, with feedback for the first four times telling me why the designs were rejected (parts not joined correctly, parts being too thin for the material chosen, sensible stuff that needed a human engineer to work out) I finally got a working design that shipped to me and arrived today. VoilĂ .

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