Like: Oddly Influenced

(5 / 5)

Oddly influenced is a podcast "about how people have applied ideas from outside software to software."

This podcast started July last year, and is up to episode 22 (released Jan 17, 2023). I found it through following smart people on Mastodon (pro-tip: join Mastodon, not a paid endorsement). Brian, the host, has a very calm and direct way of talking, I've rapidly consumed the first few episodes and already I want to share it with fellow developers at work, managers, anyone who'll listen. Especially delightful has been Brian's bringing of guests on the show and being open how "I expected to get support in X, instead they refuted it and spoke about Y so I considered the points and re-evaluated my position". Very refreshing.

Plus a gentle boot-in has been given to modern Agile compared to what it should be.

Recommend a listen.