Review: In Sound Mind

(5 / 5)

In Sound Mind was one of the weekly free games earlier this year. Most of these games I pick up, play for a bit, get a smile, get bored, and get on with things. In Sound Mind's gameplay, steady reveal, tape-based psychology gimick and the "GOTY 10/10" acheivement had me hooked. Very little in the way of shooty times, really; and the stealth statistic seemed entirely pointless - but the game, atmosphere, and sheer mind-squirreliness was enthralling.

The game starts off in a building that's run down in a flooded city, but you find ways out into the minds of your patients. Boy are you in for a wild time in each of those, with a unique mechanic in almost each of them. The manifestations of mental anguish are spellbounding and the spook factor is high.

Very much recommended.

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