Finished: Indivisible

(4.5 / 5)

Indivisible is a metroidvania style fighting game, with absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn art and a fantasy genre with a non-western and non-japanese feel. The mythos is Hindu, baseline, but it incorporates a tonne of other cultures and history. All the characters are so well voiced and I loved the plot and the progression. I got really invested in the story and the characters, resolving their plotlines as well as your own. Plus the old trope of single-character-walks-around-turns-into-party-of-four-on-combat is humorously in-worldified.

I did stop playing though. I started to find the fast travel really tedious. Towards the end game there's a lot of jumping between places to do and the fast travel takes you between each of the 6-7 zones but to a single place in each. You'ev then got frequently a long way to (re)traverse to get to where you actually want to go. Started to get boring.

Final party

I finally picked it back up again this week and completed the end game. Well worth finishing. It's a shame the studio behind the game is now utterly gutted and taken over by a... bad guy. I hope that the devs/ artists/ etc. are supported and can get something new going somewhere else as I'd love to see more by this group.


Play it. Enjoy the fighting mechanic and mix and matching party members. Revel in the story. Expect long travels through scenic but eventually dull areas.