Leo Moracchioli

(5 / 5)

I'm a fan of musical genre mash-ups. The long running podcast Clockwork Cabaret is one of my favourite sources of this, their cover-based episodes are a riot of new takes and new feelings from old songs. One of the delightful aspects of steampunk. I was put onto Leo by Ben Buchanan and I nearly immediately bought an album and have his YouTube channel on repeat. I'm looking forward to buying more albums.

Leo is a master musician from Norway, and the music I like of his are his metal covers of songs such as Ghostbusters, People Are Strange and the Muppet Show Theme are brilliant. It's not a simple cover, it's a talented combination of instruments, vocals and unrestrained intensity. At the time of writing there are 255 (insert-computer-joke-here) songs on the Leo Covers playlist. It's free to check out on YouTube, and if you like his work there are the ubiquitous Patreon et al links where you can support him.