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In the distant past there was a web application called Codeivate I quite enjoyed. You installed an extension into your code editor of choice, and it would receive updates of what sort of files you were working on and for how long. This then became a score, against each language you used, and there was a leaderboard you could watch your score go up. Also comparing yourself to other coders, seeing when you were in a hot streak and the like. It was moderately meaningless, but still fun and it died suddenly and silently.


However I've just discovered a replacement called CodeStats. It's fun, like codeivate. I haven't found a leaderboard yet, but the display of skills is much prettier than Codeivate was. With live updates of your language experience in graphs, as well as individual breakdowns and XP per hour of the day. It's ridiculous, but again fun. If there's two things joined that are almost guaranteed to get me onboard it's ridiculous + fun.