Resume of Colin Morris

I strive to use my analytical, organisational and technical skills and experience to create and source long lasting and enjoyable solutions for a variety of user desires. Since 2000 I have been involved primarily in the development of web applications, from the coal-face through to team management and solutions architecture/ design. In my current role as solution consultant, that has branched out into holistics solutions sourcing - from custom development through sourcing existing solutions and reworking business processes to solve problems without technology changes.


Solutions Consultant [Details]

Griffith University

Provide expertise to identify and translate system requirements into software design documentation, identifying possible existing solutions (internal and external).

  • Worked with Directors to complete existing projects and move applications into production; solving issues involving technical, organisational and business logic areas.
  • Continuously improved applications under my control (for example our ITIL change management application)
  • Worked with architects in the team to ensure new work requests for cloud services were properly reviewed and worked through appropriate approval parties (legal, financial, privacy, etc.)
  • MC-ed and provided expert programming assistance for the annual Student Hackathon

Team Leader: Consulting Services

Griffith University

  • Managed a team of developers and designers specializing in PHP, Lotus and HTML 5 web technologies and MySQL and Oracle databases
  • Migrated major legacy Lotus systems into an ongoing PHP environment, improving responsiveness and user-interface while adding a feedback engine (UserVoice)
  • Constructed several web applications that have been shared (on request) with other institutions, such as the Career Pathways application and the Staff Self Service portal
  • Coordinated an upgrade of PHP applications into the Shibboleth Single Sign On environment
  • Pioneered connecting Griffith applications into the Google APIs for ease of administration and leveraging Google expertise as applicable
  • Created standards for web application development that are applied over Consulting and other areas that perform web-development, for consistency of architecture

Presentation: Working with PeopleSoft APIs

Presentation to the PeopleSoft Higher Education Users Group

Delivered at the 2009 PeopleSoft HEUG Australia Conference, Cairns.

Publication: JavaScript: It's Just Not Validation (web article) [Details]

The term "JavaScript validation" is a somewhat misleading one for describing the process of assisting the users to fill forms out correctly. In fact, the back-end code performs the validation — JavaScript merely provides assistance. But when the validation and assistance don’t come from the same source, they do nothing but confuse people.

Publication: Code of the Coder [Details]

Code of the CoderCode of the Coder, physical book form

People claim to be Code Ninja or CSS Samurai, but how many of them follow a code? How many of them practice daily katas to keep in the best condition? This book foolishly applies the Seven Virtues of Bushido and the Eighteen Disciplines of Togekure-ryu ninjutsu to the coding arts, mistakenly finding some wisdom along the way.


Programming languages

5+ years, professionally 1-5 years, professionally <1 year, professionally
SQL (Oracle + mySql focused)
Objective C
Shell scripts

Libraries/ services/ technologies

5+ years, professionally 1-5 years, professionally <1 year, professionally
Symfony/ Silex
Behat + Mink
Regular expressions
Microsoft DevOps
Azure Cloud
New Relic
Swagger/ OpenAPI
Microsoft Luis

Principal methodology accreditations

  • Prince2
  • ITIL
  • Agile


Bachelors Degree in Information Technology (Honours) [Confirm]

Institution: Griffith University : -

TOGAF©9 Certified [Confirm]

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