Common tools Work and Home

  • Coding/ text editing: Visual Studio Code. PHP, JavaScript (no typescript or other translators here), CSS, SVG, Twig/HTML, Markdown, Go on main. Occassionally it sees Rust, Node.JS and Python on the way past. Experimenting with Zettelkasten.
    • Font: Cascadia Code
    • Fun: Code::Stats
    • PHP Extensions: PHP DocBlocker, PHP Intelephense, Cucumber, phpcs, phpfmt, Twig, Beautify
    • Markdown Extension: Markdown Footer, Mermaid Markdown
    • Other Extensions: Live Server, macros, Markdown Footer, Run On Save (this triggers Robo for my build pipeline), Steampunk (theme)
  • Image Manipulation: GIMP
  • Web browsers: Firefox primary. Chrome... is evil
  • Blog tool: Homegrown monstrocity of PHP Go + BitBucket + Github + hope
  • Virtualisation: Docker
  • REST/GraphQL: Insomnia
  • RSS Aggregator: Feedly
  • BDD: Behat + Mink + Selenium + Chrome (Bleh). Experimenting with Cypress
  • Filesharing: Dropbox
  • Documentation: Pandoc. I've made books, work document automation, posters, all sorts with this. Pandoc is so useful. Added the mermaid extension to create documents with diagrams, wrote my own imagick wrapper so mermaid diagrams get trimmed to content before being embedded.


  • PC: Custom built thing with blinky lights, old parts
  • Mouse: Razer Lancehead
  • Monitor: AOC
  • Email: Electron Mail
  • Microphone: Rode USB
  • Podcast recording: Audacity
  • RSS Reader: FeedLab. Any better ones?
  • File transfer: Cyberduck got too annoying, reverted to SCP


  • PC: Macbook
  • Launching/ Shortcuts: Alfred w' Powerpack
  • Mouse: Razer Lancehead
  • Email: Airmail got too flaky and subscriptiony. Moved to Outlook.
  • Editing in terminal: VIM has my love
  • Architecture diagrams: Visio is key but... windows? bleh. I've tried using DrawTheNet and it's great, especially liking the .git version tracking. DrawTheNet uses YAML to describe the diagram so... readable versions! I converted TOGAF iconography to SVG so now I can build TOGAF diagrams in my local DrawTheNet.
  • Additional diagrams: Mermaid