Common tools Work and Home

  • Coding/ text editing: Visual Studio Code. PHP, JavaScript (no typescript or other translators here), CSS, SVG, Twig/HTML, Markdown on main. Occassionally it sees Rust, Go, Node.JS and Python on the way past. Experimenting with Zettelkasten.
    • Font: Cascadia Code
    • Fun: Code::Stats
    • PHP Extensions: PHP DocBlocker, PHP Intelephense, Cucumber, phpcs, phpfmt, Twig, Beautify
    • Markdown Extension: None needed, good support OOTB
  • Image Manipulation: GIMP
  • Web browsers: Firefox primary. Chrome... is evil
  • Blog tool: Homegrown monstrocity of PHP + BitBucket + Github + hope
  • Virtualisation: Docker
  • REST/GraphQL: Insomnia
  • RSS Aggregator: Feedly
  • BDD: Behat + Mink + Selenium + Chrome (Bleh)
  • Filesharing: Dropbox


  • PC: Custom built thing with blinky lights, old parts
  • Mouse: Razer Lancehead
  • Monitor: AOC
  • Email: eM
  • Microphone: Rode USB
  • Podcast recording: Audacity
  • RSS Reader: FeedLab. Any better ones?
  • File transfer: scp competes with CyberDuck


  • PC: Macbook
  • Launching/ Shortcuts: Alfred w' Powerpack
  • Mouse: Razer Lancehead
  • Email: Airmail 4
  • Editing in terminal: VIM has my love
  • Architecture diagrams: Visio is key but... windows? bleh. I've tried using DrawTheNet and it's great, especially liking the .git version tracking. DrawTheNet uses YAML to describe the diagram so... readable versions!