modern web dev is an extreme overreaction to not liking some php Scott Jehl says R.I.P. to his mentions.


Nowadays even looking under the hood of WordPress—something that’s even written in a language I know pretty well—makes me exhausted.2 Why is everything so abstracted? Why so many libraries? Why are the libraries so big? Why is every webpage downloading like fifty megabootoos of JavaScript? Why are the entire contents of everyone’s databases dumped to the browser as JSON regardless of what the page is actually loading?

I still write in PHP. On my home site and when required in my day job.

I've tried learning Golang, it's a good language. But when I tried to use libraries and extensions I just hit Ye Olde C-include wall and walked away. Rust I didn't even get that far. I'm old, but PHP does what I need it to do and does it well. If I want massive number crunching, I'd go Python. If I wanted a cross platform app... well that's what I tried to use Golang for and it didn't turn out well.

PHP continues to suffer tall poppy syndrome. People are posting latest and greatest discoveries like "Forget JSON; fetch pre-rendered HTML snippets! As custom elements!" as if we weren't using template languages years ago to serve snippets of data as application/json for data sets and text/html for html snippets without the wrapper framing for quick updating. I mean... grumpy. Thanks Alis for the extended response.

It was basically the indie craft scene for the internet