The Modern Luddite

The real luddites didn't hate technology, they hate what it was being used for/against. I agree

The Luddites smashed looms. This wasn't because they hated technology, they liked it. They didn't like Big Textiles using it to make dodgier, cheaper versions of their output, devaluing the crafts-persons and making it so the next crop of crafts-persons couldn't learn the trade and get better. Turning people into machines to work cheaper, with less benefits or support, all to make big business richer.

Sound familiar. As Corey Doctorow labels it, the enshittification.

I've been noodling an idea for my own Luddite badge. I think I like what I ended up with after my personal Clipart->GIMP->PNG->InkScape->SVG->Blender->Chitubox->3dPrinter pipeline.

Kinda surprised it worked, tbh.