100 days of illustration. Day 07

Watched more of 'the Bean'. Feel even more confused than yesterday.

Do me a favour. Watch Proko - Bean Examples and tell me what you see in the shapes? I'm aware they're supposed to be a bean w' two bulgy ends to be a short-form of the... human form... but all I generally see are two ovals and some speed lines. The host says to exaggerate, but what I'm seeing is making stuff up. This is the point where my frustration kicks in - apparently I'm missing something very obvious that anyone else doing this course sees, but I haven't a clue.

At least I now know why so many comic artist thing you are meant to fit both chest and behind in any female character's illustration.

(another attempt later)

I think I see where I'm going wrong. I'm still seeing the figure I'm drawing, not the two pods of the bean. The reality keeps getting in the way of the sketching. Going to call it here but... hmmm. I think I've gotten a bit further than 2 hours ago.