Wee update to HopePunk

Inspired by a post, made a little update to my HopePunk character sheet

Story so far

I'm lucky enough to have an in-person TTRPG crew that have been gaming together for years. We mostly play the World of Darkness games (no surprise, but we all have our favourite splats). Longest game was a Steampunk-inspired game that lasted years and one player combined their in-character journals into a massive printed hardcover.

For the latest game, we were all mighty brain-fried so we thought we'd just throw together our favourite parts of various systems.

  • World of Darkness: the fist full of dice, attribute+ability, and critical success/ failures
  • Teenagers from Outer Space: simple stats and Unfortunate Successes
  • FATE: more simple stats and aspects

We also were sick of all the dystopian/grimdark nonsense around the place, so we wanted the alternate. HopePunk. To make things easier, I ran up a very quick HopePunk character creation tool that:

  • Was small and self contained
  • Had the ability to save into LocalStorage for mobile device simplicity, as well as files for offline storage and sharing
  • Created the command string for pasting into Discord or other tool that follows the same !... format for dice rolling (sometimes we have to play online, yay Covid)


Inspired by The UI Hurdle, I've had another look at my generator. It's OK, but I could make it easier for people to use.


I've added mode switching between Editing and Playing. This reduces the risk of accidentally changing values when you're clicking around to create a dice pool, and also makes the interface simpler. You can always edit your notes though.


I've let the system actually roll as well as create the Discord Bot roll string. It tells you your result, and shows what stats were used.


Give Hopepunk a try and let me know if you've got suggestions.