SVG to Blender part two

Part two, had different ideas for the character tray and it finally printed

The print did not go as planned. I ended up with 5 print failures. I ended up swapping out the 3d printer provided Anycubic software with one I found recommended on Reddit called chitubox. It was much better, easier to use, and I finally got a print out of it. Looking at it, though... I didn't feel the structure was quite right. And I'd had some more ideas generated while building and waiting. But this is why we prototype.

SVG, attempt two

This time I moved the standee/ form holder to the top of the layout so it's easier to see and a focus. Behind that, I added two stripes close enough together to hold up thin cardboard - the idea being active gifts or effects could be stacked there. Behind that I put the health tracker.

The dials had proven to be tricky. The more I looked at it, the more I thought I'd spend a lot of time trying to get those right. I also didn't have a place for the Permanent stat values, just the temporary ones. So I replaced the dials with a track, and I had an inkling of how to use the plugs to show the permanent.

Blender, attempt two

With the solidify lessons from yesterday, this was a lot faster. I had to remember to apply the modifications and delete the templates because the chitubox tool thought that everything was in the page needed to be printed even if invisible.

For the Permanent vs. Temporary points, I built a plug with a plug socket. So it's a big plug that sits in the Permanent value, and if the temporary equals the permanent you put the plug in the plug. Plugception.


The chitubox interface is really good, importing and resizing was easy, as was the support. Printing was successful first try.


This is waiting the UV set time to finish, and then I want to try it out.