Twitter thoughts

Twitter, amIright?

A lot has happened to Twitter this year. You don't need me to summarise it, as bazillions of smarter people than me have done so. My thoughts have vacillated between dump the platform and stay and fight. Many people have championed one side or the other. Leaving the platform to stop supporting the racist supporting cess-pool it's becoming, good. Staying and protecting a free speech platform that's helped many people, good. This morning a post was shared that prompted action.

Screenshot of a tweet by Elon Musk proclaiming "My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci"

Providing support to TERFs and science deniers. Groups that have actually attacked people causing deaths and harm, this includes attacks of misinformation and fear-stoking. There's really no other way of interpretting this - given his history, his followers, his actions, and his brain. The owner of Twitter has put this out there to his fanbase.

I had one Twitter account for interacting with close friends privately; that's deleted.

I have one Twitter account for following interesting people and posting nonsense; that's had all posts removed and I've unfollowed everyone. I'm keeping it as back in the Good Old Days of the Open Web, Twitter had a great API and a committent to OpenID and other lovely things. So I signed up with my Twitter account to a variety of services so I didn't have passwords scattered everywhere. I don't trust Twitter anymore, but I also have accounts with services I do trust that are linked to my Twitter account. So the public Twitter account stays for my use. I don't really think anyone would be champing at the bit to take the account and start impersonating me, but whatever.