Treatment Plans

Working on some problem triages to help other teams with debugging. Collected a bunch of notes on the system, issues, etc. and wanted to summarise it in a way that promotes action now, action in the future, and preventative action ongoing. Then Professor von Explaino took over the keyboard and pointed out the health industry already has documents along these lines - treatment plans! A few Googles later for common components and I could construct a basic Triage and Treatment plan. Once I got a good amount of information down, I built a template to turn Markdown into PDF to create a sharable, interesting, actionable document.


You can download the template to use with your own pandoc.

  1. Name of "Patient"
  2. Summary of the system, linking to master sources where appropriate
  3. People involved in the plan - doing things, being informed about it, approving changes
  4. Symptoms - being as detailed as possible, including screenshots or any other media
  5. Primary recovery goals - what we are aiming to achieve specifically in this treatment
  6. Additional recovery goals - any 'while we're there' goals, or additional improvements/ preventative measures
  7. Primary diagnosis and treatment plan - how we're going to verify the diagnosis, treat the issue, and verify it's addressed
    1. Breaking it down to individual diagnosed issues and treatments
  8. Supplementary treatments - other plans we can also do
  9. Discharge plan - what we need to have done before we can declare this treated
  10. Log of treatment - recording what we do, who did it, and when

It covers analysis, hypothesis, testing, verification, and release. I like it.


  1. Create a Markdown document using the template markdown file
  2. Run it through the pandoc generator using the command conveniently wrapped in a Makefile
  3. Profit. Or rather, follow it.


I've only just built it, so a bit of delight-in-dumb is still in play before it's used in anger and will evolve. So, it is it's own treatment plan for handling bugs in an informable, repeatable, and a little bit fun manner. We'll see how it goes.