Emergency craft - Tooth Fairy communication device

Child #1 had two teeth extracted due to a crowded jaw this week and it was a traumatic experience. Lots of needles and ... yeah. But they were happy with their two extracted teeth, and the promise of tooth fairy money, however they specifically said they wanted to keep the teeth and did not put it under the pillow.

Tooth fairy did not pay attention, left money, took teeth. Child was re-distraught so we had to do something. Tooth fairies only come for teeth, but maybe we could Sympathetic Resonance a summon?

Tools: Casts of Child's teeth, a Rainbow, a Flask, an Amplification Dish, and a new letter to the tooth fairy.

The result was a very quick steampunk-ish build to amplify and transmit toothy-loss feelings. It worked, the teeth were returned and an note left from the tooth fairy apologising. Crisis averted.