100days, day 17+18

Had a presentation on Thursday that resulted in some strong feedback that a mark was missed. I checked in on my boss what he thought and verified my ideas on what the target needed out of it. What does this have to do with my 100days? I spent the morning sketching out ideas in TheGimp and with pencils+paper from the store at work. You know, the things I've read lately about composition, skeching etc? They helped get my thoughts straight about the presentation of information.

This afternoon I presented mockups to the rest of the team and we thought through what the represented. I was happy we are redeveloping my ideas to fit the presentation - so getting happy with sketches for ideas, throwing things away, and the like? I think the 100 days - Art project is helping adjust other areas of "creativity" too. Nice.

ADDENDUM. Quick sketch of a hat while on a chair. Actually a quick-quick sketch for reals and... I think I'm improving.