100days, day 11

That water droplet with reflection is just... yeesh. I know I have to bite the bullet sooner or later. But right now, I'm happy with later.

Read some more of the start, which continued to make more sense, and read ahead to the end as it's getting a bit further into the realism that I'm not that ... interested in? ready for? Something.

Can't not draw though, so I decided to do what I really want to do - draw werewolves. It's an unimportant want, but I do want to draw werewolves. Started with the best fighting game werewolf there is, Jon Talbain. A quick duck-duck go for a reference and I gave it a shot. And it's better than I thought it'd be. The iPhone has washed everything out, but that means if/when I continue working on the drawing it'll come in better. Still I think this book has really helped my drawing mind. Given me enough confidence to share this effort at least, which is more than I had before.