100days, drawing skills?

A twitch channel I follow is run by the Lady of Code. She has fun coding streams and a good community, engaging style, and regular 100 day challenges in the style of #100DaysOfX . What's 100 Days of X?

X can be anything, such as Meditation, Writing, Art, Music, etc.


The inspiration behind the #100DaysOfX is my ever-growing interest in the workings of the mind, habit formation and neuroscience, as well as the success of the #100DaysOfCode challenge which proved that the specific rules designed for it and public accountability really do work. #100DaysOfX makes use of all we’ve learnt about effective strategies of habit change and improvement in the #100DaysOfCode. It has proved these principles time and time again.

As of writing, Tabs is doing 100days of guitar. Others in her discord are doing coding challenges, UX challenges, previous challenges such as 3Js and similar. I really get a kick out of helping bust bugs and applaud the gains people are making. It occurs to me, I'd like to improve my artwork, been wanting to for a while. Is 100days a fit for that?

I can always give it a try and stop if it doesn't work for me. It's already encouraged me to dig out my Draw Like A Boss book, and get back into some exercises.