Homebrew character sheet, 2022

My fortnightly(ish) gaming group has run out of brain. We've been playing Werewolf the Apocalypse in Werewolves vs. Nazis for the past few months but... we're out of steam and everything's a little too real at the moment. So we're delving into a previous NoBrainAvailable game where we mashed up Teenagers from Outer Space, FATE Accelerated and World of Darkness into a simple system that still gives us a fist full of dice and little maths.

The main GM of our previous game asked if I knew how to make a fillable PDF to make character sheets easier. I figured given all the libraries I know, there's probably something that can do it. To make it simple, I retrofit my Werewolf the Apocalypse online character doohickey into the new system. Lo and behold, the library I had for the PDF-ification of the Werewolf sheet had a component to make PDF forms!

You can see the upshot at Hopepunk. The retrofitting was really easy, just taking out the complex Werewolf dot mechanics and having a bunch of simple dropdowns and forms. I kept the save-as-localstorage option, but you can always edit the printed PDF. Let me know what you think!