Werewolf character sheet, 2022 edition

Since mid February my site was down due to AutoSSL hosing itself and not renewing my site's certificate. Boo. My host did their best to sort it out - it's still not fixed but my host gave me another SSL cert for the time being. Man I missed seeing my site. I used my time to do what I enjoy doing - continuing to experiment with different coding improvements. Generally, by making a werewolf character sheet; using the work I'd already done on the WtA character journal

Werewolf the Apocalypse is a point based system, where you roll fist full of dice. To make your pool you add your stats together, so they're generally in the 1-5 range and displayed in dots. I experimented with a few ways of showing and interacting with the dots.

  1. Radio buttons, hidden, and using ::before to put dots in reverse order so I could use CSS to stack dots in a line
  2. Javascript and dots
  3. Creating custom HTML elements that do their own calculations and build of interface
  4. Just... select and options.

I've gone with just select and options because the interface is much easier to play with. I found lots of issues with targeting radio/ labels in that they overlapped and I couldn't get margins to work. I've rolled that with a discord roller bot so you can pick statistics to roll and past the command into a Discord channel to game there. Fun.

Give it a go at Werewolf:The Apocalypse Chargen