Werewolf 5th Edition - Playtest Episode 1


  • Stephanie playing the Glasswalker (urban tribe of the technological), Homid (human born), Philodox (judge and mediator) call Jordan. A studious, mousy-haired PhD student, working on genetically investigating the changes post-Final Battle that have happened to Garou. Her lab rats keep disappearing.
  • Amanda playing the Black Fury (all-female Wyld tribe), Homid (human born), Ragabash (trickster and questioner) called Alice.
  • James playing the Bone Gnawer (urban tribe of the downtrodden but survivors), Lupus (wolf born), Ahroun (warrior) called Trashpanda.
  • C as the storyteller

The University of Queensland, St Lucia campus. Specifically, the Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. The laboratory office of Jordan, who is currently less than enamoured with her packmates. Trashpanda, in his lupus form of a massive wolfish canine, is currently failing at hiding an angrilly twitching tail hanging from his mouth. The unkempt and shaggy wolf is being observed lazilly by dark-haired lady named Alice and a studious, mousey-haired woman in suit and labcoat who owns said office.

Jordan's laboratory is investigating genomic mutations in labrats, but the university funded bioengineering work is only a cover. A cover for her investigations into the Garou1 gene. Always a recessive gene (assuming you buy into the Gene thing and not the spiritual aspect of Garou nature), since the Apocalypse it has become even more reclusive. A fact Jordan is intent on solving. Hopefully before she runs out of subjects.

  • J: Just for the record, the Bone Gnawer, me, first action of the game, was to eat lab rats.
  • S: MY Lab rats.
  • C: His totem was not amused

Trashpanda, looking moderately satisfied and less moderately chastised, spits out a sodden and cross rat onto the floor. The rat gets an odd look, points at its own eyes, points at Trashpanda, then scurries away. The scruffy lupus's chagrin remains unaltered and unseen.

Trashpanda> I spat it out

Jordan> You contaminated my experiment!

Alice> No, now it's just got... more DNA on it... that's how science works, isn't it?

A well earned and studiously ignored lecture by ? on the importance of said rats, the importance of her work, and not getting drawn into the 'breeding like rats' snark from Alice is interrupted by her ringtone.

Jordan> -tired- What?

Relapse> Really. That's the answer is it?

Sarcasm. Always a good sign from your boss. As sept2 leader, he was all of their bosses.

Jordan> Sorry, issue with the lab, little on edge.

Relapse> Fair. I'd like your pack to turn up at the bawn tonight at... shit, now. You have a 1 hour grace period to get here. We need you to do something please.

Jordan> Okay...

Relapse> Your enthusiasm is appreciated, as always

Alice, across the room> Oh buck up

Jordan> I have a deadline

Relapse> I have a dead pack. Which do you want to go first?

Jordan> ... I can lose my job. -hangs up-

An uber is called for and arrives in due time.

Jordan> I'll wind down a window for you

Trashpanda> Damn skippy.

Alice> You have to wear the special jacket

Trashpanda> No.

  • C: He's an emotional assistance dog. He has the emotions so I don't have to. All of them. At once. This one's Anger! Or maybe incontinence
  • A: It's hard to tell

Jordan's impression of the learned nature of her companions continues to be voiced as they head to the vehicle.

Jordan> Am I the only one who ever did a university degree?

various people nearby raise their hands

Alice> I did... a degree of university...

  • J: (as Trashpanda, as Gaspode) I've read books I have. Well, chewed 'em
  • C: I did six degrees of university. I've got a friend, who has a friend, who has a friend...

Trashpanda calls shotgun by the expedient method of leaping in the open passenger side window and panting in a friendly manner at the very, very panicked looking driver. ? quickly and by rote explains the presence of the seat-filling canine as an emotional support animal. Trashpanda does his very best friendly giant dog act.

Alice> Don't worry. He's very well trained and if he doesn't behave he will be neutered soon.

Trashpanda> -behaves-

Jordan> -rolls eyes- -tips the driver-

A moderately tense drive where all road rules are considered for expediency, the pack is released on the drive leading to the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. The vehicle drives off with more haste than before3, and blessfully not denuded of snacks.

  • C: Three different animals of jerky
  • J: I rolled 1 success, I resist the jerky.
  • S: I'll pay for the chilli one
  • C: You're in the front seat, right?
  • S: I work in a biology lab, I'm fine
  • J: 4 successes on stamina, we're all fine.

The Botanical Gardens is the main home of the Sept of the Possum, Brisbane's caern where the Garou convene, strategise on protecting their territory, and prepare for taking the fight to the Wyrm. Looking up into the night sky, the city skyline is a straight line to their right and the trees bordering the park a haphazard squiggle on their left. The moon shines her face down, each seeing her face for the first time tonight, their inner fire is stirred through the spiritual connection with Luna herself.

  • C: Rage check!
  • A: 5!
  • S: 9!
  • J: A 1. Shit4
  • C: Can't botch a Rage check. Just a fail.

For the ahroun, the light of Luna burned deep inside and stoked his fires of righteous fury against those that cursed and tormented the earth mother Gaia. Having righteous fury in battle is a power that can reverse the darkest rout. On a main street of Brisbane, it's mighty inconvenient. Trashpanda pushed down his rage from his immediate concern, but it was only pushed aside - not quelled. Trashpanda quickened his paws to catch up with ? and Alice who had already headed into the park bickering about which of them was the pack leader. A frequent argument.

The park had fewer than normal tourists or locals but near wall to wall possums along the main paths. Well intentioned people brought fruit to feed the local mammals, and the possums enjoyed the spoils of cute. Being totems allied strongly with the Bone Gnawers, and possibly to make up for snacks, Trashpanda pounces into the possum party to play.

  • C: Dexterity + Animal Ken
  • J: Specialty of feral animals? 4 successes!

Gasps and near screams of horror of the massive feral creature attacking poor defenseless5 possums are quickly displaced by laughter as the possums obviously know and enjoy this game. For a short period, Jordan and Alice and flanked by a wolf doing an opossum-parent impression before Trashpanda scampers off again. The leg twitches from all the possums scritching the wolf at once is Instagrammed at once, curiously un-noticed and low-rezed by The Algorithm. The Garou-only GW-Net darknet site has a post from Jordan that is immediately mass-faved.

  • J: Don't trend the Bone Gnawer, he'll ask for more money!

The possums soon go back to their free food while the nearby humans instinctively move away from the trio and indeed all other groups of persons heading towards a copse of trees. Thick, cutting off any sign of what's more than a meter into the branches, and curiously guarded by a few people in suits, earpieces and unfortunately dark sunglasses. The inner rage the Garou possess drives normal humans and animals aways, as they have memory of a time the werewolves openly hunted humans rather than hid from them. Ancestral memory and self-preservation lives in the bones and does what it can to remind the rest of the body not to be a snack. One of the guards nods to the pack.

Guard> Password.

P> Woof.

Jordan> ...Please?

  • C: S roll charisma+manipulation, A roll intelligence+etiquette
  • S: 4 succeses
  • A: 1 success

Guard> You really need to remember the password.

Jordan> I've had a hard day.

Guard> ...In you get, he's waiting

Jordan and Alice continue their bickering about genetics, lab rats, secrets, and sneaky Trashpandas while they push through the trees and enter the caern proper. A large open air ampitheatre of tree logs and dirt should not fit in the trees, but nobody told the ampitheatre that. Or if they did, the spiritual reflection of the place of power thought it a lovely story and got on with what it needed to do. People in suits, tattered clothes, biker gear, all sorts sat in tribal cliques like highschool of the doomed. Unlike the trio, most Brisbane packs tended towards the mono-tribal cliques.

Glasswalkers sat with Glasswalkers, Black Furies sat with Black Furies, Bone Gnawers lounged with Bone Gnawers and the other less represented tribes similarly clustered. Garou society comes with an unhealthy heap of tribalism, macho displays of power, and all the history you can weep through. Cultural prediliction for violence, thanks to Rage and the need to Fight, led to a combat-first culture that many tribes embodied. Combine that and milliena of fighting a losing battle to protect the Earth and people get insular and tetchy.6

Right of centre on the main stage, was Patricia. Early twenties, tall, MMA-muscular, dark haired with Grecian features, she wears ripped jeans and a "Fury-ous" labelled work-out shirt; Patricia nods a greeting to Alice as the pack heads to a seat. Next to her, distainfully inspecting the ground with a well shined boot-toe, is an older, perhaps early thirties looking gentleman. Curly dark hair cut in an older style, his suit looks slightly old fashioned compared to Patricia's modern attire. Centre stage sitting on a mechanical wheelchair was the oldest looking of the three. Battered green jacket, black hair and goatie, face getting a smile when he spots the pack. Nowhere near as muscular as the two nearby, and much whiter, he still has a wiry strength to him and certainly a presence that shows him to the the sept leader - Relapse.

The pack ignores their fellow septmates, heading straight for the centre stage and the three Garou waiting there. Trashpanda nudges Relapse's hand off the wheelchair handle and onto his head between the ears, the Glasswalker rests it there with an absent scritch.

Relapse> Thank you for getting here so quickly. First point, still not doing anything with Thylacines, right? 7

Jordan> No.

Relapse> Have to check. Secondly, a pack has gone missing, the Silver Fetches. They are a silver pack8, the first that happened since the Last Battle. They were going around the world, Moon Bridge to Moon Bridge, to find artefacts in museums or private collections and return them to the traditional owners. So many of our and others' histories and connections were stolen and the thought was to restore the world's balance, this was a step to repair damage done by the stupid white

BigGuy> -sniffs-

Relapse> ... explorers took everything that was shiny.

Relapse indicates the BigGuy beside him, who is obviously not impressed with the summary.

Relapse> This is McConnor, patron of the Silver Fetches. Most recently the pack were after a Fiji, Samoa, Tonga exhibit recently moved from Melbourne University to the Museum here in Brisbane. So we need the artefacts retrieved, and to find out what happened to the Silver Fetches.

Alice> Any word from them before they went missing?

Jordan> Last known location?

Through these and other questions the pack determines that the Silver Fetches keep their plans to themselves for security reasons. Or paranoia reasons; both work. The more perceptive pack members pick up that the Silver Fetches were feeling a bit cocky about tackling the Brisbane Museum - having successfully raided other much more important places, surely this outpost wouldn't pose a problem.

The specific artefacts involved included Maui's hook, ? revealed her brother9 Brandon works at the museum close to such an exhibit and will be a good contact to work with to get in.

  • A: Jordon and Brandon?
  • S: Yes. We're middle class.

Oh, and the pack went missing a week ago.

Jordan and Alice> A WEEK AGO?

The perils of letting a pack work silently on its own include it taking a long time to figure out something's gone wrong. More side-eyes are given from the pack to McConnor, who ignores them entirely. The pack is dismissed, they discuss as they go.

Scouting options are considered, with special care to thinking of the umbra10. Daytime in the umbra is considered and discarded due to the dangers in the penumbra when not nighttime. Outside the caern the possums look expectantly at the pack (most at Trashpanda). Jordan informs them they will have to play later; a single possum salutes and they all scatter.

  • A/Alice: -hums last post-
  • J/Trashpanda: No, that was the one time you convinced me to go to the park covered in apple sauce
  • A/Alice: You fell for it!
  • J/Trashpanda: I was three days old (as a werewolf)!
  • S/Jordan: It was exactly what I needed after exam week.
  • A/Alice: You made friends
  • J/Trashpanda: I tried to eat them!
  • A/Alice: They tried to eat you, it was fair.

Jordan's assertion she needed to go back to work but is reminded they're on a mission and, since it's still nighttime, they'd go scout via the umbra (they'd check the physical in the morning).

Alice> OK, so we'll go to the museum then step sideways, lots of glass doors there.

Trashpanda> No! (rolls intelligence, Rage Failure).

Completely blindsided by the homid-born brains behind a plan to stroll up to the museum and step sideways in front of it, in front of people and possibly any nefarious deed-doers that did in the other pack, Rage takes hold of Trashpanda.

  • C: Ok, so the options for Bestial Failure for Lupus and Ahroun are 'Hunger' or 'Feral Impulses'
  • J: What does Feral Impulses do?
  • C: Well, Ahroun Lupus, trying to guide the pack... you'll still try to guide them, just as a lupus would.

Exasperated, Trashpanda dispenses with the vagueries of 'talking about it' and just starts coralling and nipping at Alice and Jordan's heels to get them to listen and go where he wants them to. Obviously this startles the few citizenry around and is a cause for concern. Who wouldn't worry about a massive, muscular dog biting two young ladies on a stroll through the park at night? Where's a policeman when you need them?

Meanwhile, Alice and Jordan recognise what's going on and are very carefully letting them be herded so as not to anger the Lupus further. They pick up the body language of the wolf explaining that stepping sideways right next to the museum would be a 'bad plan'. They agree with this as best they can while the rage controls the garou... and a policeman comes up with hand on his holster.

Jordan> ...officer... this is my insulin dog... he's telling me my insulin is low. (rolls charisma (no empathy or performance, 2 successes)

Alice> (rolls charisma + persuasian, 3 successes)

Trashpanda> (rolls to resist... 3 Messy Critical Success)

  • C: OK, normal successes beat the messy critical... succeed but Trashpanda isn't making it easy.
  • S: I'll pull out a blood vial I left in my pocket from the office
  • J: You have to hit my nose to calm me down
  • A: (rolls 1 success to hit)
  • J: (rolls another messy critical to dodge) Nope!

Jordan's ruse with a blood vial and the persuasion on insulin convinces the policeman to walk away, but Trashpanda is completely under the control of his rage and cannot be contained. The policeman around the corner calls for backup because the woman with the supposed insulin dog is wielding a vial of blood and that dog is mental. Alice didn't manage to smack the snoot of Trashpanda, but the attack distracted the Bone Gnawer enough so that Jordan got to hit the honker of Trashpanda and finally get through to him. He's unimpressed but... enough of his mental control returns that he growlingly follows the two towards the Treasury Casino.

Jordan> This is why I'm willing to leave you home with a freezer of store-bought rats.

The casino is near the middle of town, looking over the river and within a (garou's) stone's throw of the museum. It should just be a shift to the umbra, a walk across one of the Brisbane River bridges, and they're there. Some discussion occurs on whether Trashpanda will have to go homid to get in; but given he still has his service dog coat on he should get in.

  • J: Where's dignity on this sheet, I need to cross it off.

Jordan> (rolls to convince the security guards that Trashpanda can come in, 6 success messy critical)

One massive security guard is giving a casual lookover on anyone who comes in, carding those who look too young when he's bored or antagonistic feeling. Looking down he spots an enormous canine sporting an 'emotional support animal' coat and immediately stick a hand out to challenge (and belittle) the owner. Then he locks eyes with her. Jordan exudes control and authority, rendering the man silent - and at the same time bone chillingly afraid. The eyes are too yellow around the edges, the teeth to white, sharp and attention holding. The teeth of this woman, he just can't take his eyes off the teeth and the... instinctive threat they feel. Jordan's words are thoughtful, exact, and ignored as she leans in close to give a thoughtful sniff of his throat. The trio are waved frantically in.

Jordan> Your cologne smells... tasty.

The security guard is stunned for a minute or two, before he radios in a possible problem.

Before that's received by anyone, the pack has gone straight through the maze of gaming tables and poker machines to head straight to the bathroom. An added bonus, Trashpanda can follow the ladies into the same bathroom without incident. Inside there are a few patrons availing themselves of the mirrors and the moderately well kept facilities (not as many in the main bathrooms, but the ladies bathrooms are perpetually occupado).

Jordan immediately starts convincing women to lead with stories

Jordan> omg, love your outfit, I can see why that guy was checking you out.

Alice goes for the trie dand true

Alice> I should not have had Taco Bell before coming here, clear the room!

While the first story from Jordan resulted in some consideration, and Alice's story gets further attention. Trashpanda gets a look on his face, and Alice responds immediately

Alice> I shouldn't have fed the dog that either

  • J/Trashpanda: (rolls to control gas, succeeds) -squeaker-
  • A/Alice: Oh god
  • S/Jordan: That's where the jerky went!

The room now entirely to themselves, they look at themselves reflecting in the wall mirrors and reach out to the spirit realm11. As the self-declared leader, Jordan puts her hand on both Alice and Trashpanda and calls on her spiritual connection to step sideways. Pushing through the webby/meshy gauntlet of reality's barrier she drags the pack through to the umbral reflection of the Treasury casino.

The mirror's reflection holds not only their images, but ghostly faces grasping and reaching for the group; trapped in the mirror's face... they hope. They are all pretty but vacant in faces, the outreached hands dripping gold and silver coins that evapourate moments after leaving their hands. The stalls behind the pack are closed with muttering noises crying 'one more spin, one more roll, my luck will change, I can make it all back, I can make it all right, next is a winner, I'm due, I'm due'.

Leaving the bathroom very quickly they find themselves in a twisted version of the casino floor. Like a physical casino, it's set up so there's no natural light and you can't tell night from day; or even where the exits are. Unlike a physical casion, this warped reflection is an escher painting, the spinning wheels are on the wall; and the walls are the floor and the ceiling is something not 4 dimensional. Shades of people on every surface with games and are rolling dice and playing cards... but the house always wins. In the background there's the sound of coins rattling, paper money shuffling, cash registers chiming and EFTPOS machines beeping.

  • C: You have two turns to get out of here before... something finds you. Intelligence + Occult.
  • J: As an Ahroun, I cast growl. I'm going to intimidate the f--k out of the room.
  • C: Ok, if you succeed you give the others more time to find a way out.
  • S: 2 successes
  • A: 2 successes
  • J: 2 successes
  • C: -rolls for moneyspiders- 3 successes

The Ahroun plants himself solidly in the centre of the pack, growling a threat at the surrounds as the Ragabash and Philodox stand back to back looking calmly but rapidly for an exit. The sound of cash registers and EFTPOS machine beeping grows louder and clattery-er. The voices pleading for a win rise in volume.

  • C: One more turn. 2 successes needed on int+occ
  • J: 4 successes, no messy!
  • A: 8/8/7/10, 4!

Trashpanda shifts up to his larger Hispo12 form and lets out a coin-rattling growl. There's a pause in the clattering and beeping advance; and a break in the shifting crowd gives Alice the opportunity to see an exit. Grabbing Jordan she takes off in a run with Trashpanda in hot pursuit as the crowd, machines and walls themselves attempt to cut off the escape route.

  • A/Alice: -hums the Indiana Jones theme-

The clattering returns as a swarm of hand-held EFTPOS machines on spiderlegs bursts from the walls behind them, racing after them. The pack bursts out the main doors of the casino and into the reflection of Brisbane.

It's quiet after the race, and the casino's stone facade reveals nothing of the chase and escape that just occured. Aside from being covered in trapdoor spider webs filled with money, cards, desires and tended by calm EFTPOSpiders that have little interest in people (spirits) that aren't being lured into the building. The casino isn't alone in the spidery adornment; the Weaver13 is strong here and all of the buildings have some measure of spider web edifice.

  • S/Jordan: I don't like this, I don't do spiders
  • J/Trashpanda: You're a Glasswalker, this is your thing
  • S/Jordan: Especially not spiders that take my money
  • J/Trashpanda: Worst. Glasswalker. Ever.

A creature that's a cross between a Bus and a Caterpillar sticks its head out of a hole in the ground where the Brisbane Busway exists in the real world, looking to see if a ride is needed. The pack decides to walk across the bridge instead.

In the penumbra, the bridge is not just a single bridge; it is a conglomeration of webs that stretches across and along the river, meeting up with other bridges as far as the pack can see. The webs reach down and into the river itself and appear to be trying to hold back the water... and succeeding in slowing it down with choking tendrils and cables. Occassional waves rear up in a handlike shape and smash uselessly at the bridges.

  • A/Alice & S/Jordan: -both hum the Indiana Jones theme-
  • Spider: -waves to Jordan-

Part way across the bridge, Alice can hear a voice. She looks around before leaning over the edge of the bridge and hearing the voice of the river spirit itself.

River Spirit: -whisper- release me

Alice: ...nooo...

Jordan: sorry I've got a thing

Trashpanda: wow, look at my paw, I've got to

River Spirit: RELEASE ME

The bridge is vacated quickly.

Now on the arts precinct side of the river, things are slightly more cheery. To their left is the convention centre and arts theatres, a warm feeling of joy and delight beckons from that direction. Straight ahead is another busway with more busapillars that run on hundreds of people-legs. To the right is the museum... which is currently a tropical island with waves crashing around it. The pedestrian bridge from the convention centre and the museum has been replaced with a surely stable wooden rope-bridge.

Alice perks up.

  • A/Alice: This is my thing

The Black Fury strides straight to the bridge to make her way safely to the island, as the museum's whale calls in the background. The pack follow behind.

  • C: Dex + Ath
  • A: 2 successes
  • C: Handilly.
  • J: 1 success
  • C: ...part pawedly.
  • S: Many successes
  • C: No handidly you woosh
  • J: The spiders from before are helping you now, aren't they?
  • S: Yes. Girlfriend chat with the spiders on the way

Once across the bridge the view of the museum resolves itself in more detail under the abrupt shift to daytime. It looks precisely like how movies portray the hidden island, with the hidden temple, with the hidden treasure. Mashups of cultures and technologies, ecologies and environments, into a pastiche of 'other'. The trio grimace, the vision is made almost entirely of stereotype. Looking back the ropebridge stretches into the mists as they have entered the museum's reflection proper and it opens into a full tropical island realm. Brisbane is nowhere to be seen from this vantage point.

They step off the bridge and onto the mountain in the middle of the island. As they take stock the scene is complete with the sound of 'native drums' coming from everywhere and nowhere, but mostly from the temple from further up the rocky edifice. There's a rumbling sound, as if a long-dormant volcano was waking up.

  • J/Trashpanda: What was that movie you showed me... "What did you do, Ray?"
  • A/Alice: Nothing! It was like this when we got here.

Still in the lead, Alice hunkers down and surveys the land in front of her, calling on one of the spiritual gifts14 she was granted to aid her observation. Once so empowered she shifts into her lithe darkfurred wolf form to greater see and sniff for information.

  • A: -activates Heightened Senses, takes a superficial damage to Connection to power it-
  • A: 3 successes

Snuffling with ears swivelling in ways she would not think of as tiny radar dishes, she lets out some soft yips to call the pack to her position. Hidden behind thick vegetation is a rocky crack, opening out into a larger cavern leading deep into the mountain. Additionally her innate tracking skill empowered by the spiritual gift enabled Alice to find a path that even the Glasswalker could follow without issue into the cave.

Weaving between stalegmites and ducking overacheiving stalectites, they can see the walls of the cave carved and painted with runes and iconography from the various pacific islands all interwoven into stories, legends and lessons. Maui with his hook, Feke and the Rat, all in various forms and tales. Tiki torches provide a flickering light alongside the everpresent light of the spirit realm, and a sealed door is discovered with pictoglyph writing surrounding it.

  • C: Intelligence + occult
  • A: My speciality is in mythology and folklore
  • C: Use either; add a die
  • J: Holy shit I got a success. I can barely read Australian English, but I can read this
  • A: ... 1 success

They read out to themselves as they all decypher the writing: "There are two from whom we are continually begging, they give without stint or grudging."

Alice: Huh

Jordan: Do we need like feather and water? is told to roll wits+occult

Alice: I'd say land and water, given everything

Jordan: succeeds I felt something when I said water, the door shifted - but it didn't - but it did...

Walking up, Jordan takes water from one of her many labcoat pockets and pours it on the door. To her right, the tiki torch flanking the door grows larger, roaring, and has more colours to its flames. Hit by inspiration, Trashpanda huffs a breath onto the door, but nothing happens. Alice gets a handful of earth from the floor and throws it at the door - when it hits the left tiki torch mirrors its other half and the doors creak open.

On the other side of the door is another pop culture influence; a rocky balcony overlooking an open chamber with a lava river bisecting the suspiciously flat floor. Far enough to be not have heard the opening stone door are a crowd of worshipers exalting on the near side of the cavern; and on the far a priest conducting a ceremony.

  • C: -cough- Temple of Doom -cough-

Beside the priest is... think of the D*sn*y cartoon version of Maui but heavilly corrupted - his flesh isn't so much dripping as hanging off him. He still is a wealth of muscle, but the muscles aren't where the muscles ought to be, and not the shape they should have. Sallow cheeks, stringy hair, sunken eyes that burn red. Literally, whisps of smoke curl from the ducts.

Jordan: I bet you a meal they Silvers are probably going to be sacrificed

Alice: Probably. Luckily they haven't yet.

  • J: Ahhhh, too late.
  • C: Roll wits+awareness
  • J: 7
  • A: 3
  • S: ...eh

Not talking but observing, Trashpanda softly huffs as he manages to mentally piece together carcasses from the piles of bones on either side of the far platform. From his skill as a warrior for Gaia, none of the bones appear to be from the silver pack thanks to their visible age and condition. The huff is short, and quickly followed by an intake of air through the snout as Trashpanda spots something else.

Mid exaltation Maui spins his hook and turns to his side, and the Bone Gnawer catches a glipse of a shadow-made tendril wrapped around Maui's neck and back before it resumes its place in Maui's shadow. While a warrior caste, Trashpanda knows his enemy and draws a conclusion - Maui isn't a wyrm spirit. He's been infested by a wyrm spirit.

Trashpanda: Maui belongs here, something else here does not. He's been corrupted.

Alice: What did you see?

Trashpanda: Something is on him

Jordan: How do we ... decorrupt? uncurrupt? Purify him.

  • C: Roll wits+occult, add specialties if myth etc. based
  • S: 1 success
  • A: 2 successes

The pack discuss their options, as warriors for Gaia they can fight spirits as well as they can fight physical forms. Jordan has the Rite of Purification that can purge corruption from creatures, so she suggests they knock Maui out and purify him.

Trashpanda: OK. And all of these mooks? I guess that's my job.

Alice: I'll take the one on the left, you take the whatevers left on the right.

Jordan: Have a nice, relaxing rage session.

Thinking on the Rite of Purification, Jordan thinks on what is available to be used in a rite - a rite is not a gift that can be called on and it works. A rite takes time, and chanting, and offerings. Pure elements are recommended.

Jordan: I have saline water in my bag. Would a pure flame work?

Trashpanda: -nods-

Jordan: -takes another pocket's contents out: gauze and a lighter-

Trashpanda: beats setting him on fire

Jordan: -takes purified blood from another pocket-

Trashpanda: How's that going to help?

Jordan: Flavour. It's my blood, sacrifice.

Trashpanda: Ah.


Trashpanda: So the plan is charge in, while Jordan does the rite

Alice: We could try doing the sneaky sneaky

Trashpanda: How many mooks are there?

Alice: About 20 or so

Trashpanda: Oh, if there's only 20, pfft

Alice: But if we do the sneaky sneaky, we might find the Silvers, and they can help us do the hitty hitty

  1. Werewolf, in their own language. ↩︎

  2. A sept is a werewolf protectorate. Being a social species (stop laughing up the back), werewolves gather in septs around a caern, or place of spiritual power. Their sacred duty is to protect caerns and rid the world of a corrupting force called the Wyrm. Just ask them. Or any spirit, really, it's a SpiritFact. ↩︎

  3. Due to the weight lost by disgorging a full lupus? Who can tell. But they're HUGE. ↩︎

  4. Rolling dice to succeed, if you have no 'success' faces but at least one '1' face you botch. That's a big fail. ↩︎

  5. HA. Take on a local possum and think of that again. ↩︎

  6. Recently that culminated in the Last Battle. Prophesised since near the dawn of Garou's long verbal traditions, it spoke of the signs of destruction, defilement and disaster that led to a Final confrontation between the forces of Gaia (mostly Garou, natch) and the forces of the Wyrm. A final battle to decide if corruption ruled or was defeated. The combined forces of the entire Garou nation and their allies prevailed and the Wyrm was defeated.

    The War, however, continued. This puzzled the survivors. Still does. ↩︎

  7. Before the Final Battle, a Child of Gaia Garou tried to use genetic engineering to bring back the Thylacine and use that to bring back the Bunyip - the 15th Tribe of Garou that left the others behind when the fighting got too stupid and came to Australia. They used Dreamtime teachines to alter themselves into Marsupial Wolves and protected the land through quiet strength and spiritual endeavors. Until the other Garou found Australia and masacred the Bunyip, the Thylacine and ended all of that. Attempting to bring the Thylacine back did not go well. ↩︎

  8. A pack of 5 Garou, one of each auspice. Auspicious. Don't read that. ↩︎

  9. Stephanie had an unassigned Contacts background, which was immediately assigned to the brother. ↩︎

  10. Werewolf cosmology has a rich and varied spirit world that exists alongside the physical reality. It ranges from the penumbra, a darker and inexact reflection of the physical world inhabited by spirits and shaped by memories; through to mystical realms of corruption, technology, nature; and finally the deep umbra of thought/ weirdness and horror. ↩︎

  11. Stepping sideways, as it's called, is how Garou and other spiritually-aware creatures to move from the physical to the umbral realms and vice versa. Garou need a reflective surface to gaze at for anchoring the transition. In W5 you can take a point of Connection "damage" to immediately cross and bring your pack with you; or you can roll your Connection to try and do it with the risk of not shifting or getting stuck in the Gauntlet that separates the two realms. ↩︎

  12. Werewolves have five forms

    • Homid - Looks human
    • Glabro - Looks... human adjacent. In the dark. Bigger, beefier, browier. Neanderthaly.
    • Crinos - The war form, bipedal mix of human and wolf and nightmare
    • Hispos - If wolves had a neanderthal, this is it
    • Lupus - Looks wolf
  13. The Garou have a history of their own, that states that Gaia - the earth mother, is either served by or created by the Triat. Three primordial forces: the Wyld of Creation; the Weaver of Statis; and the Wyrm of Balance. Nobody knows how, but the Wyrm has fallen and become a force of Corruption and the Weaver has gone mad spinning things into a calcified constant. The Garou have their mission to protect/ save Gaia by combatting the Wyrm. And they're prophesised to fail (see the LastBattle above) ↩︎

  14. The spiritual nature of the Garou goes behind just stepping sideways, they talk to, bargain with and fight spirits on a regular basis. Their beleifs are totemistic; to the point that packs get powerful Totem spirits that they can call on to guide them; and as they gain in renown they can bargain with spirits to learn their powers - these are called Gifts. When play starts, each character gets one gift each from the Breed, Auspice and Tribe they are part of. Stronger gifts are available the more a Garou grows in renown. ↩︎