Media in Review

Inspired by a few blog-owners doing a year in review, I'm going through some of my stats I collect. What happened this year from a paid media point?

Kids stuff

Two versions of the Treasure Island story, that are different yet recognisable.

Scoob! was great fun, a nice harkening back to the cartoon. I really enjoyed the original-opening-sequence-redone montage near the start and the resolve was great. Dick Dastardly was magnificent. Falcon was... pointless. As was Captain Caveman, but he was at least entertaining.

I can at least say I've seen The Emperor's New Groove now.

The two muppet movies was a nostalgia trip. Still fun. Kids enjoyed em.

Indiegogo campaign delivers

This year we finally recieved the Miss Fisher movie and I enjoyed it greatly. I participated in the original Indiegogo campaign to fund the movie and it was delicious to see the end result. Good show.


Fun but... I don't think it lived up to all the hype.

Steampunk, or

Without Clockwork Cabaret I'd listen to very little

Just a few albums bought this year, and all because I heard one of their tracks on the Clockwork Cabaret and went "More of this please". Except Mr B who I heard from a friend first. Bad Guy is a super-singable villain-sed version of the original. Haunted Phonograph keeps my foot tapping. Hoist up the Thing has had me laughing all day. All of the above are worth a listen, your time and your investments.

To watch

  • Knives Out

Heard good things. Hope it doesn't suffer hypeisis like Harley did.