Nice things

Some nice things happened today. I didn't go to work and my daughter was sick, so she wrote a letter to Santa and we took it to the post office. Back home she played with my Lego Dimensions game for the PS4 and had a great time Sonic/ UniKittying around Lego world and Gotham. I played around with tech a bit and had a nice lunch. Little things can be good. Plus I got a snippet running to quick generate blog posts in VS Code.

  1. File > Preferences > User Snippet
  2. Selected "Markdown" as that's what I write my snippets in
  3. Follow the generous instructions like so (${#:Name} are variables you tab to once the snippet is in place. Same # = same text):

        "Blog Start": {
        "prefix": "blogh",
        "body": [
            "Title: \"${1:Title}\"",
            "Tags: [${2:Tags}]",
            "Created: \"${3:DateTime ⇧+⌘+I or Ctrl+Shift+I}\"",
            "Updated: \"${3:DateTime ⇧+⌘+I or Ctrl+Shift+I}\"",
            "Type: ${4:article,review,indieweb,page,reply,event}",
            "Synopsis: \"${5:Synopsis}\"",
            "FeatureImage: /blog/media/${6:FeatureImage}",
            "    url: \"https://\"",
            "    image: /blog/media/",
            "    name: ${1:Title}",
            "    type: item",
            "    rating: 0",
        "description": "Creates the top bit for a blog entry"
  4. Install the Insert Datetime extension so that dates and times are quickly enterable. My blog does look at git created/ updated dates if the dates aren't supplied, but I like being specific.
  5. Delete anything that's not relevant.
  6. Huzzah

Should save a bit of time putting up posts in the ol' text editor. Plus it's got me thinking of what other boilerplates I could fast insert via this tool. Interesting.

I also decided to make a teeny little easter egg for my code tag. tee hee!