Returning to Cyberpulp

Tonight was gaming fortnight Friday, and were all fried. So we didn't try to force a serious game, the regular GM asked if I could take over silly-GM duties and I happilly obliged. Chatted to people to find out if there was anything particular people wanted in the game. Silliness, character interaction, a nemesis/ antagonist. We'd previously done some silly one shots as CyberPulp adventures using a dice-pool modified Teenagers from Outer Space. The regular GM and I tweaked things a bit to fit what we know we all like: Simple and Fists full of Dice. So:

  • The three main World of Darkness Attribute groups become single statistics: Mental, Physical Social.
  • Fate Accelerated aspects to replace skills (Flashy, Clever, etc.)
  • Combine Attribute and Aspect to get a die pool - base difficulty 7, with 10 sided dice. Roll no successes but at least one 1 is a botch. Each 10 counts as 1 success.
  • One speciality/ focus per attribute (grants an extra die to that roll)
  • Add 1/2 powers/ abilities/ equipment as appropriate.
  • Taking damage makes you lose a die. Run out of die? Roll a d10, only 1s and 10s count (botch or succeed, friend).

Three characters returned from previous CyberPulp - Sun the kitsune-styled hacker, her AI bot Pixie, and the Harry Potter boy-toy 'bot who thinks he's actually Harry Potter due to a glitch. They were joined by a Sportsball-scholarship werewolf called Nina. The adventure saw them sign up (or get signed up) to test a VR emersive RPG system called Finally Fantasy (chosen from that, or Finale Fantasy, Whinal Fantase or Finish Fantasy). They fought parodies of FF monsters, sold everything not nailed down in an inn to the person running the inn, all improvised a world-map (each person described a cardinal direction), and fought Guyverns and Biverns lead by a Guyren in a bar on the top of a mountain. It was ridiculous, over the top, exceptionally rude (but all enthusiastic, informed consent-filled), dumb fun culminating in a fight with dance riffs, songs and finally head-butts to We Will Rock You. Due to Sun's nefarious rival hacking the game, they're now trapped in Game space and next week they start the game in Space Trek Online.

Dumb fun is totally recommended.