Clean Slate PC

My work machine has been crashing moderately regularly for about a month. I'd been OK during that time thanks to frequent Git commits and working with OneDrive but I finally got in to see work's tech bar. They looked at it while I sat at my old desk and worked via the iPad. A while later they came over and asked if I'd noticed the laptop wasn't sitting flat, looks like a battery bulge issue that might be hitting internal components. Aha.

They'd also reimaged the machine.

I had been backing up moderately regularly until this started as the backups were crashing. So that's a month worth of machine changes gone - assuming I restore from backup. I had managed to ensure evreything was committed and stored into OneDrive before taking it in as a precaution. But what to do?

I'm taking this as an opportunity to rebuild. It's a mac, so I chucked brew on the machine and tried to see how many of my applications I could manage via that rather than random download-and-installs. So far, focusing on the dev stack I use, brew is now managing the following for me:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • PHP7.4 (+ Apache)
  • Composer
  • Insomnia
  • DBeaver
  • Docker

It's... working quite well. The machine itself is a lot faster. I'm going to see how much longer I can hold out without having to install VMWare for using Windows programs. But now I have to remember/ find out how to dredge from a backup what extensions I had in Visual Studio. Any suggestions beyond the below?

  • Beautify
  • Code::Stats
  • Cucumber (Gherkin) Full Support
  • Docker
  • Markdown Footnotes
  • Markdown Table Formatter
  • PHP DockBlocker
  • PHP Intelephense
  • phpcs
  • PHPUnit Test Explorer
  • Python
  • Remote - WSL
  • Settings Sync (2 years old... darn that would've helped if I'd kept that up to date)
  • Test Explorer UI
  • Twig
  • XML Format