Roleplaying Sliderverse

Related to the many-game-worlds theory of the previous post, I thought it'd be fun to try and visualise GamerSpace with reality as the starting point that other systems radiate out from. I know d3 and three.js are good for graphs, and a very short Google search later found 3d-force-graphs. Nice.

The following games were taken from the Wikipedia article on roleplaying games, publishers and their systems. Running it through Bing and using the # of results returned was used as an arbitrary gauge of popularity (Google adds the # of results via JS and I didn't feel like playing with that). That got pumped through the 3d force graph to get a catography of the systems. I used a white force-graph to attach the various systems to Reality, then invisible force graphs between all the systems to try and keep them equidistant.

Graph of systems