Found by lost friends

In the very early 2000s I was on an online RPG group called the Gaming Guardians. Based around the comic of the same name, the conceit was that the imagination of games created realities that could be visited, and the characters in the games could extremely rarely become Aware they were in a game and gain sentience/ self control. It was a great fun, with a glorious mix of delightful stories and sheer idiocy. Like all things it ended and people drifted away.

Recently I was contacted by friends from that had started gathering people from the channel / boards into a Discord. It is MAGNIFICENT. It's as if we never really left, the fun is flowing thick and everyone's grown up but the fun is just as wild and free. I'm not gaming there (yet?) as time zones and day-to-day struggles have left me with much less free time - but watching what's been happening is a delight, and I still get to have fun with some utterly magnificent people. Thanks a tonne for reaching out and finding me.

In ye olde IRC channel we had bots. Everyone had bots. Our bots let us quickly find the character profiles of players, store and retrieve quotes of fun and summon random magical effects. One of the programmers on the Discord has started to build a bot to add to the channel. Another is adding a die-roller to that bot, and I've decided to try and add in the profile function. The bot is Python, I've got some measure of understanding of it, but part of the requirements is using Async Sqlite.

Yeeeeeeeeeeep. Wish me luck, deep-end ahoy.