Last acting for Copperheart

I just finished my last lines for the Copperheart podcast. Last year I recorded my first lines as the Copperheart Automaton EDN-6174, affectionately known as Eden. Copperheart is part of a multimedia universe by Michael J Rigg, featuring a book series and a number of audio podcasts. The Steamrollers Adventure Podcast is an actual play currently in season 3, Copperheart was the first scripted audio drama in the universe.

As anyone who has role played, improv-ed or went to school with me knows I am a full grade ham actor. Very amateur but enthusiastic. I auditioned for Pinarski1 but was offered to try for the Copperheart role and was surprised, elated and panicked to land the role.

It’s been an educational, welcoming and exciting ride. We have all been invited back for Season 2, but the characters will likely shift streams somewhat so. I’m hopeful I can join in again and further hopeful I can learn more and bring more to the show.

Big thanks to Mike and my cast mates for the opportunity, friendly crew, and fun.

  1. the actor for Pinarski is amazing so much better outcome. ↩︎