Parody: Covid Connection

Why are there so many; people still outside
When we're in a quarantine
Economy's tanking, world death toll keeps cranking
It's all thanks to Covid-19
So we've been bold and we're social distancing
No more of my friends will I see
Some day we'll find it, the Covid protection
The egg heads look for a vaccine

Who said that every test, would be read and processed
To help stop corona's spread
Somebody thought of that, but no-one would pay it
The US has cut WHO's funding
Now we're all working from home, who'da thunk it?
Who knew that it was so easy
Today we all found it; accessible work lives
Will it stay post the '20s.

All of us under our roofs
A cure sure will feel like it's maaaagiiiiic

Do they call you a sheep? For believing doctors
And not seeing all of the truth
5G's the vector, and bleach is the cure-all
It's obvious if you'd just sleuth...
I've seen it too many times to ignore it
It's something I just can't unsee
Someday we'll find it, the cure to the Covid
Not praying, but staying far from me 

Far far far far far from me
Far far further look just stay hoooommmmmeee