Digital groundskeeping

Thinking on how to reframe coding to see if there's things I'm missing or better ways of looking at it. So I decided to look at my code base as if it was a garden. If I'm looking after the garden, that means I'm a digital groundskeeper. So what would the spheres of influence/ activities be?

  • Pruning: looking at the code and removing unused bits, removing unused libraries, version upgrades as required
  • Weeding: different to the above, weeds are the unwanteds like viruses or toxic comments, finding ways to remove what pops up and make it a non-fertile ground for them to grow in
  • Cultivating: new technologies that can be used or existing technologies that have new capabilities that we can use (ties in to upgrading libraries, new stuff!)
  • Enjoying: using what I've built, actually enjoying what I've made and taking the time to appreciate it
  • Sharing: the results of this work should be shared. Clippings (github) or encouraging people to visit, talking with other likeminded people to grow my knowledge and hopefully theirs.

Any suggestions?