I read the article Zettelkasten - How one German scholar was so freakishly productive. It boils down to discrete notes, with metadata, and linking between them to continue thoughts. Makes a lot of sense with limited space like note-cards and cabinets. Not entirely certain about infinite canvas available to text files. However I'm giving this a go at work and at home to record notes and work. I've added a bit of personal rigour to it, combining it with Basecamp's internal communication guidelines:

  • Every day gets a #status card at the end of the day, saying what I did.
  • Start of the week gets a #weekplan card to state what I'd like to acheive in the week
  • Things todo get tags of #todo and #notdone or #done. That way I can easily find things I have yet to do.
  • Using Visual Studio Code and the Markdown Preview plugin, I can write notes in markdown and with the preview window I can use the links to jump between them.

Anyone else toyed with this or have any other productivity tools they use?

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