Parody: What About Men

Well, there's a little girl tweeting
in her corner of the internet
She's been chatting down there, wading through DMs
And the dick pics well they never stop
She gets doxed and found, mocked all around
She tries to respond but she's told...

What about men? It isn't fair
You've got those boobs, your attention's just stares
Can't you see, no one sees me
But you draw more likes un-fair-ly....

Well, there's a pretty girl serving
up jokes at the local bar and grill
She's been making smart quips, making people laugh
About things girls deal with day to day
She speaks to the crowd, more than half agree loud
She gets to the mic but she heaaarrss

What about men? It isn't fair
We can't make jokes about race or gay stares
Can't you see? You've censored me!
And girls just aren't all that funnnyyyyy

Take a step back and see our privlige waning
We ruled the world once
But now we have to see our actions have consequences
That affect us
Even us men

Now there's a gender-non-specific person
just trying to go about their life
They get stares and glares
And everyone cares
About what they've got going on downstairs
But rights have evolved, discrimination unrolled
And then cries erupt all around, Mens Rights aren't found!

What about men? It isn't fair
We're the ones being persecuted 'round here
Can't you see? Our wings are clipped
What's so good about equality?

What about men?