Soundtouch for Podcasts without iTunes

With the direction iTunes is going, with its subscription Music service and breaking up into less useful applications, I want to have my SoundTouch speaker work with Podcasts. I've already moved to PocketCasts - but might have to move away from that as they've gone Subscription now too (I'd already paid for the apps1.) The Internet in Australia is rubbish, even if I wanted to pay a Subscription in order to listen to music I'd already purchased.

Sorry, slight rant there.

Anyway, the SoundTouch speaker by Bose is... less awesome than I had hoped. Doesn't function as a speaker speaker anymore, it has its own inbuilt player and it uses that. It can link to iTunes to use its library, but see above. SoundTouch does have the ability to have a URL radio service though.

So I've coded something real quick in PHP. Loads my favourite podcast, gets the latest episode, and header("Location: {$...}");'s to that. It's quick and dirty but it works. Future thoughts

  • Load all my podcasts and pick my latest
  • Find the ability to record listened-to episodes somewhere and only play unheard podcasts

Thoughts, anyone?

1include __DIR__.'/../../vendor/autoload.php';
2$rss = Feed::loadRss("");
3header("Location: " . (string)$rss->item[0]->enclosure->attributes()["url"]);

  1. Yes, they said they'd give those who paid for the apps a free 3 year subscription - but after that it's subscription and I avoid subscriptions as much as possible. ↩︎