The Ray Tracer Challenge - review soon - part b

Last entry on the Ray Tracer challenge I had finished Chapter 6. I'm now up to Chapter 14 and it has gotten a lot harder. The maths is repeating, kinda, but dealing with cylinder/ cone infinities and some not-so-good initial designs on my part has slowed me down.


I'm now on Chapter 15. The last chapter presented a big "here's something to do, but no test cases" and I found that a struggle. Maybe having everything handed to me in the earlier chapters isn't as helpful as I'd hoped. Alternatively, having a rudimentary understanding of the mathematics involved makes writing sensible test cases with mathematical test results is hard.

To add idiocy to idiocy I decided to download a language I'm utterly unfamiliar with to have a stab at. I haven't coded a compiled language in quite some time but Rust sounded interesting. So I grabbed it. Completely out of comfort zone, the idea of Borrowing and Copying makes me so grateful for PHP's memory management abstraction. I am hoping I can understand enough of Rust to make some viable programs to compare the PHP performance to the Rust performance. And laugh.