Three Consent Monkeys

A collection of resources. You might say this isn't steampulp, but it is. Steampulp is about doing, getting out there, making a diffence. See something, do something.

Say no

I'm only putting a couple here as, honestly, I think society already puts enough burden on the Sayer. There are tonnes of resources. We need to focus on the other two monkeys.

See no

See someone obviously uncomfortable? A friend of yours keeps doing things "as a joke", and you're sure it's not? Surely there's something you can do. Good news, there is!

Hear no

Interestingly, I was stumped trying to find resources in "how to hear no", "what to do when told no". My wife had to rephrase it as "accepting rejection" and the possibilities flooded in.

I'd like to add more to this. Let me know.