New designs

I like playing with Shapeways. It's an easy way to make pendants like my Professor von Explaino logo. Especially using its 2d Pendant Designer.

I wanted to put more of me into my wearingness and out in the world and I was thinking about Steampulp and how it's about exploring, joy and being better. Solarpunk is a wonderful modern reflection on steampunk - punk in rebelling against the current elite's money grubbing and actually dystopian future ways. Solar as in getting back to earth, using old earth techniques and new earth technology to show we can make things better and not die. Horribly.

Merging that with steampulp's nazi-punching hobby, I created the Steampulp Resistance pendant

Steampulp Resistance Steampulp Resistance.

Talking with more friends I decided to expand out and tackle the LGBTIQA elephant in the room. It's 2019 and there are still bigots out there and they can go jump. They're not welcome. I talked to a trusted friend to get some pointers on my design and came up with the following. Merging the Unicode symbol for "hermaphrodite / transgender / transexual / intersex, threesome, pansexual" with a good (I think) summation of the issue.

My Gender, My Business My Gender, My Business.

LGBTIQA people, you're seen and respected by this steampulper.