Code of the Coder Poster in SVG

My book, that you can see advertised on my front page, hasn't been selling like hot cakes. But it's sold more than I expected, thanks to friends. Even before I put it up for sale, though, my long time friend and my-book-editor Ben suggested a poster to go with it. It's a great idea; for the time being I had printed the Virtues on little pieces of paper in my cubicle. I look at them occassionally and ask if they're working for me - partly to see if the idea is sound, and partly to policy myself to make sure I'm following the coding virtues.

It's fun.

I finally got some time over the last week to play with making a poster. I could use Word but... no. I have Scriviner but that was hard to learn how to make an A3 poster in. Then I decided stuff it, I'd been playing with enough SVG lately, and the stock images I bought are in EPS, why not make it in SVG?

I used GiMP for all of 10 seconds before deciding drawing in GiMP via paths was too hard. So I used GiMP to help extract the EPS->SVG versions of the specific icons I wanted, and went to town hand coding it in SVG. I like maths, I like using my IDE, I like the challenge and more importantly I like the result. As Ben said, I really need a designer to give it a once over before I put it up anywhere, but for now I have a nice poster. That's scalable as much as I want. Bwahahaha.