Graphs via SVG

I've played with SVG files in the past for making cogs and dials, as well as randomly generated mazes. I like how they're just another markup language, with understandable algebraic notation, which can automate and specifically create pictures for me. Maths is one of the things I enjoy, sorry.

Thinking about various graphing libraries I've used like D3 and Chart.js I started wondering about all the extra bits that comes with a generic graphing library that I just wasn't using. Similar to my thoughts about foundation and other responsive design libraries (at least now that Grid layouts are well supported and frankly splendid). Since those libraries end up creating SVG files, is it smart to cut out the middle-library and just create a chart in SVG?

And could I do it "static"ly? As in, without needing server side building.

Turns out I can. SVG, as another markup extension, can have JavaScript inside the file. You can see this running on my home page now - the sparklines use a common SVG file, with a get string of numbers. These are passed into JavaScript in the SVG file (via an on-load function trigger) to create the chart for me.

I'm looking at building on this further for specific purpose charts. Pie charts, bar charts, line charts, and more complex ones. I figure with dedicated JS inside the file for the drawing bits, but you pass a Get parameter with the name of a variable in the main HTML for the SVG to get all its information from, so as not to pollute the query string as well as avoiding the max URI character limit.