Now pages

People often ask me what I’m doing now.

Each time I would type out a reply, describing where I’m at, what I’m focused on, and what I’m not.

So earlier this year I added a /now page to my site: Derek Sivers

There are a lot of IoT in my life. Recording things like my walking, heart beat etc. I also have a number of tools I use to track my life. Monitoring things like code writing, projects etc. I'd thought of something similar to a /now page before, an auto-updating "thing" that showed stuff on my behalf. I'd never managed to think of enough "things" that would be interesting.

Then on the indieweb Slack channel I saw more people putting together a /now page broken down to /lastmonth or similar and I finally realised I'm coding things for me. And in true steampulp fashion I should forget "what will the people say!?" and go "it is there, I shall do it!"

So I'm doing it.

I've already grabbed my Code::Stats figures and turned it into a sparkline showing the last month's use of Visual Studio Code (it includes things like editing text files, so it might not always be pure code). That was fun. I'm delighted by the text swap to the sparkline. It's dumb. It's fun. It's what I like. It might even encourage me to actually use project tracking like Asana for making new things for the Code of the Coder book, or finally finish that ridiculous Werewolf the Apocalypse web game I keep threatening to do.

Even if none of that happens, I had fun with the little bit of the page I've done so... Victory!

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