Copperheart: a Rigg Stories Audiodrama

I have been waiting ages to be able to reveal this bit of exciting steampunk newsery. I'm in a podcast! The credits page has been officially released as of today.


A bit of background. The Steamrollers Adventure Podcast is pretty much the only ongoing actual play podcast I listen to. I've even stopped watching the granddady Critical Role, but this merges the fun and interesting story developments with such efforts put in by Michael J Rigg: astounding audioscapes and atmosphere. You'd expect that, considering he's already got two published novels set in the same universe via Clockwork Looking Glass and Clockwork Pandora. He doesn't strip any of the fun table-toppers have playing a table top game (even virtually, internationally, via Internets), that could be why it appeals. The fun is firmly there.

I am doubly nervous about this; not only is this an established multi-media world but the other voice actors... holy cogs. They are professional. Super professional. Grab a number of their projects that the credits pages already link to. Writing and voice-acting brilliance. I've heard early episodes that Michael has shared with the cast (eeee, the cast!) to date and they are amazing. Having this scripted means even more sound-scapes and it feels so immersive. Shivers, friends.

I'm doing my level best to bring my A+ game to this, as it deserves nothing less. I'll definitely post here when it gets its public release. I'll have to add a few Copperheart "blingbits" to the site, I think. Maybe a pulsing Copperheart somewhere...